Reducing moisture in the basement is not important just because it will make the basement more attractive, but because it can help to make the entire house healthier. Wet basements are the perfect breeding grounds for mildew, mold, including dangerous black mold, as well as potentially leading to wood rot, pest issues and unpleasant odors. There is no way to close off the airflow entirely between the home and the basement, so these issues must be addressed. Luckily, any basement can be made safer and more functional with waterproofing.

In most cases, before a basement can be properly waterproofed, it will require a remediation service to properly clear away any existing mold. This service will remove the excess water in the space, clean out any mold spores or mildew and repair any water damage. Pest problems along with any other moisture related issue will also be managed during the restoration process. Once done, then the basement can be waterproofed to prevent future problems.

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Complete basement waterproofing requires addressing issues inside and outside of the home. On the outside, runoff should be diverted away from the foundation to prevent water from building up alongside the home. This can be done with gutters or with French drains or other trenching techniques. Special coatings exist that can help to reduce water seepage, and they may be applied on both the exterior and interior walls. Inside, the basement can have common items like a sump pump installed, better ventilation added to improve evaporation and specially designed sealant materials applied that will hold out moisture to prevent it from affecting finished areas in the basement.

Cleaning up a wet basement will not only make a home healthier, it will also add additional living and storage space to the home. It can also increase the value of the home and may make it easier to sell. There are so many benefits and the process is so affordable, it makes no sense to ignore a wet basement. Not all basements can be 100 percent dry and able to be converted into a living space, but every home can be made cleaner and safer by removing excess water.

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